Boudewijn Bertsch

Boudewijn is Lead by Nature’s lead program faculty and designer. Educated in the Netherlands and Japan as a business economist he works around the globe. He has over 25 years experience in leadership development and leading sustainable performance improvement. The focus of Boudewijn’s work is to support people in bringing out the best in themselves and others and to develop “collaborative intelligence” in organisations.

Using the latest insights from such diverse fields as neuroscience, music, positive psychology, anthropology, biology, economics and management, Boudewijn opens executives’ minds to a powerful practice of leadership and facilitates their skills and ability to embody it.

He consults for a breadth of companies and also designs and delivers leadership courses through the Rotterdam School of Management, a leading European Business School. He has supported executives from various organizations including, 3M, ASML, AstraZeneca, Alexandra Hospital Singapore, Bacardi, Cargill, DENSO, GE, Goodyear, IBM, ING, Microsoft, KONE, Motorola, Nike, Sint Radboud Academic Hospital, Royal Philips Electronics, A. Schulman, the Singapore Government, TNT and Vopak.

I have learned that people always have more and different potential than they think they have. Unleashing this potential and discovering how you can inspire yourself and others, how you can better connect with yourself and others and how you can unlock the collective intelligence in a team and organization is a developmental task we all share in the pursuit of a common goal and purpose. Lead by Nature is an inquiry into your nature and to then nurture the emerging potential to lead yourself and others.

Boudewijn’s passion for his work reflects his passion for life and for people. While trained in classical music, he has appeared on stage as the lead pianist in a rock band in Japan, played chess with inmates at a maximum-security prison where he never let his opponents win, and has lived on three continents. Currently he lives on two. In-between he reads avidly, plays the piano, meditates and practices Qigong.

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