Evolve and unlock your full potential to unleash the collective power of your organisation

Evolving leadership
Lead by Nature provides an innovative perspective on leadership. The unique setting our programme offers is fully integrated into our curriculum. The environment enables our participants to become fully immersed in an unforgettable experience. This will inspire personal change while focusing on authentic leadership development. With a solid foundation in science, our faculty headed by Boudewijn Bertsch is constantly developing the programme to the newest insights.

The art and science of leadership is rapidly evolving as the world around us has fundamentally changed and above all keeps changing. The power of hierarchy decreases, information is available for everyone, education is getting more accessible, globilisation and new communication channels create an interconnectedness with inconceivable reach and impact. All of this means that followers no longer want command and control type leadership. Instead they desire to be involved, enabled and in control along with their leaders.

Enabling others
While the old model assumed that leaders needed to be the all knowing authority who directed the organisation, the new paradigm suggests that leaders need to inspire and bring out the best in others. Leadership itself is distributed throughout the organisation. This means that leaders need to also know how to follow. This is not unlike when mankind lived in hunter-gatherer groups. Where those who led were chosen based on the task and the challenges that faced the group. Leadership was dynamic and not necessarily tied to one person. For the new concept of leadership this means that those who want to lead need to know how they bring out the best in themselves and in others. It also entails a need for collaboration intelligence that they use to unlock the collective intelligence of the organisation.

Experience Based Development
Our leadership programme is based on experiential learning, to actively transform oneself into a new way of thinking. We derive our insights from many disciplines including biology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, systems and complexity theory. Our development path offers practical tools that support your growth as a leader, focused on bringing out the best in yourself, in others and in moving your organisation forward in collaboration with your colleagues. By finding your personal and organisational compass, addressing personal, team and organisational dilemmas coupled with the unfamiliar context of a conservation project in Africa, you will unleash your own potential and evolve your leadership skills.

Naturally will our curriculum be customized for each participating team and organisation. Please contact us for more information. We will gladly send you an example curriculum that can serve as the starting point for a dialogue and tailor-made design.

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