“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Our Philosophy

We are inspired by nature. Not only by the nature surrounding us but also by the nature and potential that each person bears within.

The world’s pristine wilderness and wild animals form the most magical and inspiring environment that you can perceive. Feeling part of this environment is unforgettable. Learning more about the ways animals and plants interact and how ingenious the balance of ecosystems is construed opens new insights to yourself, to others, to society. Nature inspires to reflect who you are, who you want to be and how you effect your environment.

Our drive is to enable people to get more out of themselves
and make a meaningful and positive impact on the world

We believe it to be important to acknowledge that every person has different qualities. A true leader has to know how to unleash a person’s qualities and in what situation they are most beneficial to use. This means that a leader has to lead through his or her own capabilities but

also by unleashing the potential of others and following others at the right time. Unlocking and using this collective potential will lead to the best results.

We benefit from nature while nature benefits from us

The power of lead by nature lies in the fact that we not just use nature to our advantage, but we also give something back. We use nature to inspire people and to create an extraordinary experience which enables a person to unlock one’s true potential. By activating this skill and potential for building and supporting wildlife conservations we all give something back to nature and preserve its magic for the future.

Our dream is to link people and companies who realize they have to act in order to enable a sustainable future of our world with wildlife conservation initiatives all over the globe. Truly make a positive and lasting impact on the earth while receiving valuable lessons and experience in return.

© Copyright Lead by Nature - Photography by E.J. Dirks