Enable economically viable and sustainable solutions to conserve nature together with local stakeholders

Conservation initiatives fit our leadership program perfectly
The amazing setting of our program is more than inspiring beauty. The ecosystems we work in are important for the day-to-day lives of millions. They are a prime source for food and for medicine, purify and regulate water supplies and store carbon. Life cannot do without, we depend on them.

We have made conservation projects central to our development training. Not only because the complexity of the issue provides unparalleled teaching grounds. We also believe that our participants are in a unique position to use their talents to make a lasting impact, and sustain the environment they are so lucky to experience.

The problems faced here are not unique. In fact, the underlying drivers of loss of productive lands, differing interests between local stakeholders and business, competition versus cooperation and short term gain with long term loss are omnipresent. It might seem like these issues of are worlds apart from those we encounter personally in our day to day business. But are they? If you look closer there are actually many similarities.

Lasting impact on person, organisation and planet
Our participants are extremely talented, used to working in multidisciplinary teams. By immersing oneself in an unfamiliar context, everyone is confronted with his or her personality and challenged to unleash these skills and tackle the local dilemmas at hand.

Lead by Nature is actively involved with the local projects. We do not treat the aforementioned dilemmas as a paper exercise. Instead, our participants are present at the sites, talk to the stakeholders involved and are listened to when presenting their ideas to the communities and interested parties. This way, what seems a far away problem becomes a joint effort to make a lasting impact.

The combination of a fresh perspective with a strong collaborative drive has an unequalled effect. Not just on our individual participants, it also drives the teams to unlock their collective potential while making a positive contribution to the local community and our planet.

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